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Topic: Jambé FAQs

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Jambé FAQs


Q- Is Jambé just a MIDI drum?
A- Actually no.  Jambé is a complete musical instrument.  The drum pad senses over 1000 pressure levels, 1000 times a second,  and sends that information to the iPad.  In the iPad, our software digests the sensor data and extracts out detailed gesture information, which we then use to re-create the musical instrument sounds with our SPX sound engine.  We can output standard MIDI as well, but that will only get you trigger information and not the advanced gesture information or built-in sounds.

Q- Someone mentioned full synthesis capabilities.  What synthesis features are available in Jambé?
A- Our SPX engine has full synthesis capabilities on a pad-per-pad basis.  Each sound has full modulation capabilities from a variety of parameters, including adjacent pad pressure levels.  You get 3 LFOs, 2 tracking generators, 2 ring modulators, 3 sample lists with crossfading, sequential sample triggers, and more, all on a per-voice basis.

Q- Is Jambé wireless?
A- No, Jambé connects to the iPad via a wired connection.  Wireless connections have too much latency which really affect the playability of any percussive instrument.  Also, we power the Jambé from the iOS device, so you need to have a cable connection anyway to transfer power.

Q- What iPad do I need to run Jambé?
A- You can use any iOS device with an A7 processor or later.  iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPad 3, or later versions.  Jambé even works with an iPhone 6 or later device.

Q- Can Jambé be played with sticks?
A- Absolutely.  Jambé is designed with the same material as other electronic drum sets, so it is very durable and playable with regular drumsticks, or hands.

Q- What do I need to play Jambé?
A- All you need is an iOS device and Jambé.  No other hardware box is required.  Since we power Jambé from the iOS device, you have true portability to go anywhere to play. 

Q- How long does Jambé last since it's drawing power from an iPad?
A- We typically get over 6 hours of continuous use on a fully charged iPad Air.

Q- How many instruments come with the Jambé?
A- We are still working on how many different instruments to be included in the initial shipping application.  There will be a good selection of instruments, which you can also modify and save as custom instruments as well.  Additional instruments will be offered through an in-app purchase of the Jambé application.

Q- Can I use my own instruments?
A- By the end of the year, we will be offering a full editing application where you can input in your own samples, and edit them as well.

Q- I don't like electronic instruments because you get stuck with whatever features ship at the time of purchase.
A- That won't happen with Jambé.  Because the majority of the gesture and sound processing occurs in the iOS application, we can push out an app update to all our users whenever we add features or make changes.  Your Jambé will never be out of date or without the latest features.

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